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Subscribers of TSEG Newsletter care about two things: their law firm and their marketing. They know their law firm can tackle any case and trial, and they need the marketing to propel their business to new heights. These two subjects are the driving force behind our newsletter. We know our audience doesn’t care about marketing unless it affects law firms. For lawyers and marketers alike, our newsletter aims to bring you the most important legal marketing news developments every month.
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Law Firm Marketing

TSEG has managed full marketing campaigns for law firms all across the country for over 12 years. Our company’s founders launched The Search Engine Guys alongside other digital marketing companies including Ngage Live Chat, the first Live Chat made specifically for attorneys, which quickly became the industry leader. Our co-founder, Joe Devine, has served in numerous trials as an expert witness where his digital marketing expertise proved beneficial for our clients.

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For Lawyers

Reading the TSEG Newsletter brings lawyers the topics that are being discussed across marketing agencies, with provided insights and commentary from our legal-niche operations team. Yes, we are the actual ones who are monitoring patterns and trends across search engines, social media, and the internet in general. We research and study digital marketing strategies from all around so that we can rebuild them with lawyers in mind. Then we take the time to write about it just for you. Whether you want to know what colors convert higher on your website, how to increase your organic traffic, or how to audit your marketing videos – TSEG Newsletter has the answers you need.

Examples of what we write for you:

  • Google & Other Search Engine Updates
  • Top Performing Legal Marketing Tactics
  • New Advertising Platforms
  • Mass Tort Cost per Case Updates
  • Other Marketing & Law News

For Marketers

Taking care of a law firm’s marketing is no simple task. From filling out meta data to strategizing conversion funnels, the depth of legal marketing feels like it is always gets deeper. For hard working legal marketers, the TSEG Newsletter helps you stay on top of the industry’s latest developments, and we are always just a click away from connecting with you to see how we can help your law firm marketing campaigns meet your goals.
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