TSEG offers custom online reputation management (ORM) that is intended to help our clients protect themselves against negative exposure on the web. Through the creation of multiple websites, blogs, and off-site content/web PR, we can combat negative exposure by, ideally, moving it off of the first page of search results for Google and the other major search engines. There are no guarantees when it comes to natural SEO, and there can be none when it comes to reputation management via natural SEO either. The power and relevance of some negative news items may never move off the first page.

TSEG also offers pre-emptive reputation management in which campaigns are launched to protect against the threat of negative exposure; the intent is to get out in front of the problem by creating websites/blogs that will accrue value and history with search engines right away.

To protect our clients and preserve the sensitive nature of reputation management, we can only discuss examples of our work after a non-disclosure agreement has been signed.