About The Award-Winning, Best Companies to Work for 11 Years in a Row TSEG Family

About The Search Engine Guys

The Search Engine Guys’ approach to digital marketing is representative of our 12+ years of experience and success in the legal field. Our strong understanding of the legal world stems from our company’s co-founders, and our team of search marketing professionals continue to keep us at the forefront of the industry. Any law firm marketing specialist will agree that internet marketing is a gruesomely dynamic field to work in. Today’s best practices can be quickly outdated by a single Google algorithm update or Facebook Ads restriction changes. We understand just how volatile an online marketing campaign can be and we take every measure to secure our clients’ online presence as well as analyze and effectively react to new trends and discoveries in the digital advertising world.

Our History

TSEG is a division of Cloud[8]Sixteen, Inc. and was founded in 2008 by co-founders Joe Devine, Rodney Organ, Graham Smith, Joel Davis, and Kim Curtis. We started the company to offer custom and focused SEO to lawyers and attorneys – and on a market exclusive basis. For over a decade, The Search Engine Guys has adapted with all of the developments of the internet, and more importantly with every change in search engine algorithms. As SEO became more complex, we expanded our services to include other digital marketing disciplines including paid search, local search, social media ads, OTT ads, content marketing, and web design. We view our law firm clients as serious business partners, and we believe that an agency cannot build this client relationship while simultaneously building the same relationships competitors in the same market. Our belief in creating strong client relationships combined with our aggressive approach to digital marketing has attracted competitive law firms from across the country to hire us to take care of their many digital marketing needs.

Why Partner With Us?

What do all of our legal-industry clients have in common?

First of all, they have seen that search works, and they want it to work for them. They are aggressive in their own markets and they are willing to try new things to beat the competition, and that means SEO. Even more significantly, they are willing to spend the money and be patient enough to get to number one or persevering enough to maintain a top ranking by constantly adding new content.

Coupled with that ambition is a recognition that they should “stick to their knitting” and trust TSEG to improve their digital marketing, as well as other key functions like intake, case signup and operations; things they know they have to get right but do not want to hire staff to do.

What are the top reasons firms have picked us over anyone else?

One of the critical things we offer our clients is exclusivity – if we sign you up as a client to support your personal injury practice in Birmingham, Alabama, you will be the only personal injury firm in town with whom we work. – Exclusivity

We have a pretty far-reaching reputation for success, particularly for lawyers and law firms. As our client base expands, law firms all over the country see what we can do and how we make lawyers competitive in their market. – Reputation

We love SEO.

We are constantly innovating and trying out new marketing ideas and strategies, to keep our clients ahead of the competition. Effective SEO is not as complex as law, but it is close. Attorneys hire us because they recognize that complexity, and the range of skills needed to be successful.

We set realistic expectations.

We do not make irresponsible claims or guarantees. Every aspect of getting good rankings is affected by the moves the competition is making, and we are not in control of that. We understand good rankings are a process, not an event and we are careful to make sure clients understand that. We are not looking for short term clients but look for long lasting clients and long term results/success. That means having realistic and informed expectations.

One point of contact throughout the process

We do not have account managers, you work with the same person from the sale throughout the entire relationship, this creates strong partnerships between us and the client. You will have access to our entire management team & CEO whenever you need us.

Experience leads to expedited success

Because we have worked with law firms around the country and Canada, we have learned a few things about how to streamline the client acquisition process. We work with the client not only to build their digital marketing, but to also make their firm more efficient. We can train your intake staff to work effectively with live chat and follow up effectively with prospects. We can also recommend tools that can further help achieve success.

What are the top reasons lawyers have decided not to work with us?

The firm doesn’t need digital marketing.

Some firms are already operating at full capacity and really could not handle a bunch of new clients. They may have all the business they need or are winding down their practice in anticipation of retirement.

Exclusivity restriction.

We will not have a working business relationship that is a competitor of our clients. It is as simple as that.


We are very good at what we do, we have a consistent record of success, and we charge accordingly. Generally, we find we work best with law firms at the top of their market, and who had the ambition to get there in the first place.

Realistic expectations .

Some lawyers want the guarantee and promise of the immediate first-page results. This is impossible to do unless you own Google, but many SEO providers will sell them on a dream pitch of immediate rankings and lots of prospects. In reality, digital marketing companies have to patiently apply their knowledge and skills to build up a critical mass of optimized content for their clients and apply other tools like structured data and to improve rankings over time.