As we see it, video content is beneficial both as conversion content and as an SEO strategy. That being said, great video content can help differentiate your business from the competition, answer questions, and communicate meaningful information to potential clients. One of our favorite uses of video content is as a way of answering frequently asked questions. However, the definition of “great video content” will be dependent on the type of business you run, and we can help you determine what will be right for your business. As difficult as it may be to rank videos for primary keywords—these keywords are often the most common as well—we have had success with getting video content ranked on the first page of Google for our secondary and long-term keywords. In some cases, we have ranked our video content well enough to be second only to the website itself.


Since impressions crystallize quickly, it is critical that your website leaves a great first impression on potential clients. We believe that custom photography—and documentary photography, in particular—is the most effective way to tell a visual story and to make your business stand out. Beyond that, documentary photography helps capture a more authentic representation—more so than posed or stock imagery—that we believe further serves to differentiate you from the competition.

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