The digital advertising world is evolving at light speed. According to Leichtman Research Group, Cable and Satellite TV viewership is plummeting at a rate of more than 3 million video subscribers per year. Meanwhile, America’s streaming TV audience is mushrooming exponentially as it rushes into the void created by an estimated 63 million cord-cutters. Parks Associates estimates that 85% of Millennials already subscribe to at least one OTT video service. According to Forbes, 70% of American households now subscribe to at least one streaming service. That’s over 225 million Americans! What exactly is OTT and CTV Advertising and what does it have to do with legal marketing for law firms?

Number of OTT Video Service Subscriptions
Until recently, most small and mid-sized legal practices didn’t possess the budget required to advertise on networks like TNT, FoxNews, CNN, HGTV, or ESPN. That has changed. Today, Internet-Connected TVs (CTV) and Over The Top Advertising (OTT) platforms provide new opportunities for any firm to stream its advertising locally on major networks. Most importantly, the hyper-local precision capabilities of geo-targeted OTT Advertising makes it one of the most powerful emerging platforms available to legal marketers today.

Streaming services like AppleTV, Roku, ChromeCast, and connected TVs are able to serve predominantly non-skippable, targeted ads to just about any geographic, demographic, or psychographic audience imaginable. The possibilities are truly astonishing.

Competition for the top cases is fierce and continues to increase. For firms that believe in the power of video to reach the clients they serve, OTT Advertising opportunities are financially accessible and highly effective. The Search Engine Guys manage emerging digital growth strategies for an exclusive group of the most ambitious legal marketers throughout the United States. If your law firm is searching for more effective ways to reach particular areas of the country, OTT Advertising offers a previously unparalleled opportunity for legal marketers who absolutely insist on growth.

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