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Google Anti-Trust Issues

Over the past 13 years, Google has built itself up from a small search engine striving to give people the best results from around the web into a search giant whose company name is now an official verb according to Webster’s Dictionary. As they have grown, just like with other growing companies, acquisitions have been made along the way. As they have acquired different companies, their search results have evolved and changed. Now, many of the companies that compete in smaller niches are crying foul. Has Google become too large? Are they a monopolistic company who holds the fate of smaller companies in their hands?

Google is currently being looked at by the Federal Trade Commission in Antitrust hearings in Washington. Several company executives, including Eric Schmidt from Google and Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, have testified, giving differing opinions, as both companies have a lot at stake in the hearings. Yelp has been battling Google regarding local reviews for a good part of the last 7 years. They claim that Google is giving emphasis to their own products, particularly their Google Places listings which also contain reviews for local small businesses. Yelp is claiming that this product, which previously contained data from Yelp’s web site but no longer does, gives Google an unfair advantage.

Google relies on a massive algorithm to organize their search results, and they maintain that this algorithm does not bias results toward Google products. They want to provide the best results possible to users, and claim that the minute they stop doing that, users will find someone else that will. It is that sense of urgency that Google utilizes to strive to be the best. The company’s search algorithm is under almost constant change, with upwards of 500 updates made last year. Some of those were small, while others were quite large like their “Panda” update in March. All of these are designed to continually improve search results for users.

The outcome of this trial will be closely followed by all of us in the SEO community; and even closer by those who compete directly with Google services. The outcome could have a major impact on how search results are displayed on the first page of Google if Google is forced to change how or where they display Google-places, Google-products or any of their own business units that compete with natural indexed content. It is too soon to know if Google will be forced to change or if they will change on their own accord. Or if Google’s lobby is strong enough to maintain the status quo.

TSEG Contributes Small Business Tip for

The Search Engine Guys were featured on yesterday in the Small Business section. Every day, the publication’s web site features a tip for entrepreneurs on ways to improve how they do business. TSEG’s Joe Devine composed a tip about the benefits of search engine optimization and it was published on January 24, 2011.

Check it out here and please feel free to share with anyone you think may be interested:
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Austin Business Journal Introduces Cloud 8 Sixteen, Inc.

Cloud 8 Sixteen, Inc., which includes The Search Engine Guys, Ngage, Inc., and most recently, Big Momma Apps, was featured in the Austin Business Journal (ABJ) and its sister publication, ABJ Entrepreneur.

ABJ’s Christopher Calnan interviewed CEO Joe Devine, who shared news about the companies’ growth and how the Cloud Family of Businesses came to be.

The article was published in the print edition of the Austin Business Journal on January 7, 2010 and on its web site as premium content.

To read the full article on ABJ Entrepreneur, click here: Austin tech founders on Cloud 8.

TSEG’s CEO Joe Devine Featured in Visibility Magazine

Our very own CEO, Joe Devine, has been featured in Visibility Magazine, a leading SEO-focused publication.

In his CEO Spotlight, Joe talks about his role in the company, ideas about the future of SEO, and what makes The Search Engine Guys different from all of the other web marketing firms in the industry.

To read the full interview, click here:

This article will also be featured in the Winter 2010 print edition of the magazine.

TSEG featured on, Syndicated on New York Times Website

The Search Engine Guys has been featured on the online technology blog, Venture Beat. The article discusses how the Bing/Facebook partnership will affect search engine optimization and how SEO companies will need to adapt.

It was originally published on Saturday, November 13. Check out the article here:

Then, this morning, the Venture Beat article was syndicated on the New York Times’ technology page. To read the full article on that site, click here:

This is very exciting news for TSEG! Please give the article a read and let us know what you think. We would love to hear your comments!

TSEG Featured on Popular Tech Site, Mashable

Today, The Search Engine Guys contributed a guest article to The article discusses how SEO may be affected by the new “social search paradigm”, triggered by the Bing/Facebook partnership announcement from the last week.

To read the entire article, click here:

We are excited to be included on such a high-profile website and are happy to contribute to this ongoing discussion. Please check out the article and give us your thoughts!

TSEG featured in Austin publications

This past week, news of TSEG’s recent growth has reached two Austin publications, the Austin Business Journal and the Austin-American Statesman.

In the Austin Business Journal article, published on Monday, the reporter highlighted TSEG’s new real estate developments, an addition of 1,360 square feet to our S. Lamar office. The article points out that this change was made to accommodate rapid growth of the company. For the full article, click here:

This story was also posted to ABJ’s sister publication, ABJ Entrepreneur here:

Today, the Austin-American Statesman highlighted two recent promotions at TSEG, Marcela Curran to Social Networking Director and Sean Hall to Content Director. This story ran on the publication’s web site, as well as in their print edition in the Business section. For the full article (and a large portrait of our very own Marcela Curran!), click here:

Keep your eyes open for more exciting news about TSEG in the future!

Joe Devine Presents on ORM at WTLA in Hawaii

On June 14, 2010, Joe Devine will be presenting to the WTLA (Western Trial Lawyers Association) on the topic of Online Reputation Management. The seminar is based at the Fairmont in Maui, Hawaii and will include trial lawyers from 30 top plaintiff law firms from the western US. Mr. Devine’s presentation will be for CLE credit and will cover topics ranging from the use of Social Media to procurement of URLS as well as strategies to reduce the risk and rapidly respond in the event of online attacks. TSEG provides online reputation management and traditional search engine optimization services to law firms and businesses throughout the US.

TSEG launches new website

Hello world. True to the cliché that “the philosopher who erects palaces of thought, tends to live in the shack next door” at any given moment our own company website is always the lowest priority especially in relation to our client’s ongoing needs. Nevertheless, we rallied and feel our new website tells a more accurate story about who we are and what we’re about. We will miss the green penguins, cows and elephants and promise, in their absence, to not take ourselves too seriously.

Google Rolls Out Local Paid Search

Google recently announced a new cog in its paid search advertising machine – sponsored local search listings. The new feature, aimed primarily at small, local businesses with limited advertising budgets, allows business owners to leverage their Google Local Business Search listings and show up in the coveted map results on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Some noteworthy features of this new program:

  • Businesses will be billed a flat monthly rate, so ongoing management is less necessary.
  • Businesses will be ranked based on category and physical proximity to the searcher.
  • Businesses will have the option of a built-in call tracking service.

Currently the program is only available in the San Francisco and San Diego. Whether local paid search prices are linked to AdWords pricing also remains to be seen.

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