Fraudulent emails

Another spam email – Mima Oshira

Attorneys be very careful if you receive the following email as it looks like a scam:

My name is Mima Oshiro . I am a contacting your firm in regards to a  settlement claim with my ex partner Kuan Oshiro who resides in your jurisdiction.We had an out of court agreement(Collaborative Law Agreement) for him to pay settlement in the amount of $448,450.00 plus legal fees.I am hereby seeking your firm's assistance in collecting the settlement due to me.It is my belief that he could attempt avoiding compensations according to our settlement,hence a Law firm/lawyer services is needed to help me collect the settlement payment from my ex-partner.



Patrick Chan fraudulent email

This email is hitting our legal clients. It appears to be a hoax. Please be careful of these types of emails


Name: Patrick Chan

Phone: 6562112116


Comments: Attorney,

Colour Zine Manufacturing Company is a manufacturing company in Asia. We require your legal representation for in your state in Collection/Litigation in your state. Let us know if you can be of help.

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