Purchase web content with Google Wallet

As reported by CNET, Google is experimenting with using micropayments for individual articles and other content on the internet.  Micropayments have been an idea for purchasing web content for a long time, but no one has ever used it effectively. Users will be able to pay for internet content using Google Wallet.  The idea is that people will be able to buy individual articles for an average of $0.25 to $0.99 each, and they will then own it forever.

The home page for the new product says that they are experimenting with several top content creators to see if users will use it “if the buying process is sufficiently easy.”  Refunds are made very simple and extensive previews help users feel comfortable making a purchase- All done with a single click. Google is optimistic even though countless similar efforts have failed. This may because past attempts were too difficult to use with complicated formats, requirements to install software, and a lack of quality previews.  If any company can make it work though, it’s probably Google.

Google overtakes Microsoft to become 2nd most valuable tech company

On Monday, Google Inc. surpassed Microsoft Corp. to become the world’s second-largest technology company behind Apple.  The Washington Post reports that Google’s stock rose 0.7% to $759.98 for a market capitalization of about $249.2 billion. Microsoft, however, dropped 0.3% to $29.67 a share, for a market capitalization of about a $248.7 billion.

One of the main reasons for this is that the internet’s increasing abilities and features are reducing the need for more complicated software (Microsoft’s forte) to be installed on computers.  In addition, Google’s search advertising business has grown immensely and there has been a lot of hype over its growing wireless program. With all of this knowledge, Google’s stock price has risen 48% in the last year alone.

In May 2010, Apple became the world’s largest technology company when it overtook rival Microsoft. Apple still sits high above the competition, but Google’s rapid growth and new projects on the horizon may mean that there could be some competition for the top spot in the coming years.

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