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Hach Rose

“After many years of flushing money down the toilet with various web optimization companies, we found TSEG and what a change! Our internet business is profitable and growing. Their follow through is second to none and they deliver results. We now have people who are honest and ahead of the curve when it comes to internet marketing.”

– Michael Rose

Greenway Law

“It is not often, during the course of a business transaction, that you find yourself thinking of the connection more as a friendship than a business relationship. Over the past four years, I have trusted my business identity to The Search Engine Guys and Cloud 8 Sixteen. Never once have I regretted my decision. My dealings with these awesome people have always produced the results I have asked for, many times exceeding my requests and expectations. They have always made me feel like I am their number one client and have been prompt to respond to my communications. I have grown to know this group, from my phenomenal account manager to the inner staff at the various offices. I trust my livelihood to this team and they have yet to do anything but impress me. In a time where trust and honesty is hard to find in the business world, I found it. They take my success personally and for that I am grateful!”

– Paula Greenway

Jim Osmani

“I was in need of an SEO expert witness as part of a lawsuit in Federal Court and was fortunate to have Joe Devine and his team on our side. This was a complicated case relating to organic ranking fluctuations due to on page and off page optimization techniques. Joe took the time to understand the nature of the claims and deployed his knowledge of algorithm updates, search terms, competitive landscape and various website auditing techniques to prepare an expert report. Yet, while the thechnical aspects of the report were impressive, it was Joe’s ability to articulate and explain the SEO subject to the Court and opposing counsel that resulted in a quick resolution and settlement. I spoke with many SEO experts in my search for this case and most went non-responsive after learning that it may require depositions, testimony etc., while Joe was ready for the challenge. At first I thought the others didn’t want to take the case because of the time commitment, but then it was clear that Joe was the only one that had the confidence to stand by his work in a court of law.”

– Jim Osmani

Habush Habush & Rottier

“We have trusted The Search Engine Guys with our web marketing since 2008. They have delivered strong first page placements, we are dominant in all 13 of our local markets. I highly recommend them.”

Robert Habush

Andrew Bestafka

“The Search Engine Guys, and all of Cloud 8 Sixteen have had a tremendous impact on my firm. Their design and build of an amazing website (with Livechat) and their SEO efforts have kept my phone ringing consistently. My investment with them has paid off many times over. I can not commend them highly enough.”

– Andrew Bestafka

Goings Law Firm

“This company is spectacular! The Search Engine Guys have met, and far exceeded, all of my expectations. What I like about The Search Engine Guys is they under promise and over perform. While TSEG are pros at website design, content development, and search engine optimization, what I believe sets this company apart from all of the rest is their commitment to the client.”

– Robert F. Goings

Horst Law

“After failing with several SEO companies, for years, I found TSEG and I am thankful! They are awesome. I’ve felt for a long time that I get a lot more than I am paying for. TSEG not only saved my practice but I am almost more busy now, with work, than I can handle. I highly recommend them to anyone (who doesn’t compete directly with me).”

– Brent Horst

Marshall & Taylor

“We were referred to TSEG after years of disappointment with our previous SEO providers. TSEG developed a plan for our website and for our SEO rankings and we have been at the top ever since. We consistently receive compliments from clients and colleagues on the website that TSEG developed and are very happy with our rankings. We consider ourselves lucky to have TSEG working with us.”

– Jeffrey E. Marshall

Pete Leehey

“I got lucky and hooked up with The Search Engine guys the first time I ventured into SEO. Now, I have a website that draws regular compliments, and search engine placement that is literally second to none.”

– Pete Leehey

Robert Wilson & Associates

“I became aware of TSEG through the work they did for a successful mid-sized firm operating in another state. I respected this firm and admired the firm’s website. When I first spoke with TSEG they gave me a brutally honest estimate about how long it would take to make serious inroads in SEO for my law firm. Fortunately, the results vastly exceeded the promises made by TSEG. I have now come to trust this company completely with anything related to internet marketing. They are very responsive to any question I have and they go out of their way to assist me, even with matters unrelated to my website. I always get immediate replies to my emails and phone calls, and i get immediate responses to any issues related to the rapidly changing world of internet marketing.”

– Robert Wilson

Williams Kherkher

“You understand what no other SEO company I’ve dealt with understands: high-rankings mean nothing unless they translate into new business. Your contributions are as critical to the success of our firm’s marketing efforts as any other program I have.”

– John Boundas

Hankey Law Office

“Our law office has been working with TSEG since 2009. Before learning about their SEO team, we planned on using another company. However, we ran into problems with market exclusivity. So, instead of leading us on they recommended TSEG. They praised their SEO efforts and thought our companies would be a good fit – They were correct! It was the BEST decision we ever made. We recently re-designed our entire website and both the process and the results were terrific. With an education based marketing approach, TSEG helped redefine our online presence and we are seeing results. We convert more clients from the website than ever before and we are #1 in the organic searches. The best part of TSEG is any time we have questions or changes they are always readily available. If you’re looking for an efficient, innovative and cutting edge SEO group, that is client-driven and informative, than go with TSEG!”

– Charles Hankey

Adam Pugh

“Dude for real. I have been averaging like 2 new clients a day for 2 weeks. Now, at least half are referrals, but about half are coming from the internet. PLEASE don’t stop whatever you are doing for us. I’m slammed and I’m gonna have to hire another 2 associates to handle all this work.”

– Adam Pugh

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