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Are You Ready To Dominate Your Market?

The Search Engine Guys is an industry leading Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) agency whose mission is to help attorneys dominate Google and search engine rankings in their market. We have a track record of helping law firms in crowded markets stand out among the crowd and show up for high competition practice areas. Our team works with lawyers who are serious about making the investment they need to in their website and online presence to outrank their competitors.

One thing that helps The Search Engine Guys stick out from our competition is we can offer market exclusivity. This means we are only working on SEO for your law firm and only your law firm in your city for your keywords. See if Your Market is Available

SEO is a combination of services and strategies with the end goal of getting a website to rank on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) of Google and all search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go etc.). Over 90% of searches made online are made on Google, so SEO is primarily focused on reverse engineering Google’s algorithm as much as possible and implement strategies that will help your firm’s website or Google Map listing show up highly for important search phrases.

Long story short, SEO’s goal is to make sure your law firm is found when someone is Googling a law firm in your area.

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Why is SEO Important for Law Firms?

It’s pretty simple why SEO is so important, organic traffic dominates more than any other channel to websites. In a 2019 study, it was found that 53% of all trackable website traffic came from organic search channels. The study also showed that since 2014, organic search traffic is growing as the primary channel for website traffic. In comparison, paid traffic (PPC) came in at 15%. So you can pay for your spot at the top, but SEO and organic traffic are what drives in the majority of website visitors.

What you put into SEO has long term value and builds over time unlike paid advertising and online marketing activities. The content we build, online directories we build and optimizations we make help a website retain value.

That being said, Google’s algorithm is changing everyday and what was working to rank a website 6 months ago, may not work as well today. That’s why it’s important to have an SEO agency who is constantly auditing your website and online strategies to make sure you still have the competitive edge.

If you are interested in learning more about law firm SEO services, contact The Search Engine Guys today at (512) 955-5027 to request a custom quote.

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Google's algorithm is changing everyday and what was working to rank a website 6 months ago, may not work as well today. That's why it's important to have an SEO agency who is constantly auditing your website and online strategies to make sure you still have the competitive edge.

Why Choose an Agency that Specializes in Law Firm SEO?

The Search Engine Guys has over a decade of experience in building and optimizing law firm websites and their online presence. This experience in the legal niche allows us to understand what it takes to build and rank a successful law firm website.

The legal industry is one of the most competitive markets out there for ranking online and continues to get exponentially more competitive as more and more law firm’s discover the value of SEO. It’s important to choose an agency that knows what it takes from the very beginning to rank in these hyper competitive spaces.

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Our SEO Services Explained

Our SEO services for your campaign might vary month to month depending on what your site needs, or if there was a recent Google algorithm that affects what strategies we want to implement, but month-to-month you can expect our team to be working diligently on the following items.


Our content strategy revolves around your priorities and goals. All of our content is written with people and search engines in mind. Our content team is well trained on copywriting for the legal industry.

On-Page Optimization

While quality content falls under on-page optimization, our other on-page optimization strategies will include optimizing site structure, site speed, meta tags, local business schema, interlinking as well as a focus on converting traffic with user experience audits.

Local SEO

Our Local SEO services focus on getting your Google Maps Profile (Google My Business) to show up at the top of the rankings. This involves a number of strategies including GMB optimization, local directory profile building, legal directory building and managment and more.

Link Building

When another website online links to your website, Google views this as a vote of confidence. Google doesn't just count the number of links a site has nowadays, the links need to be from authoritative and preferably from a relevant industry website. Our link building services focus on getting links from high quality, relevant websites.

What Sets TSEG Apart from Other Law Firm SEO Agencies?

Aside from our years of experience and great results we produce for our clients, one of the main things that sets us apart from our competitors is market exclusivity. Other agencies will take on 3-4 clients in a market for the same practice area. At The Search Engine Guys we only take on 1 client per market which ensures we are working 100% in your best interest. We are not trying to rank your website while at the same time building up your competitors with the same strategies.

We also have a dedication to being hyper responsive and quick to action for our clients. If a special project comes up or an edit to the site needs to be made, our team is always here to help.

Additionally, our SEO services differ because they are completely custom to each client. We deploy similar strategies but we do not utilize a one-size-fit-all approach for our clients. Each market is different and each client is different and we do not act like they are.

TSEG Vs. The Competition

The Search Engine GuysTypical SEO Agencies
Market ExclusivityX
Dedicated Account Manager with Direct Email and Phone ContactMost agencies will limit your contact to a monthly meeting
Monthly Organic Traffic Reporting
Monthly Keyword Rank Reports
Monthly Geo Grid Map Ranking ReportsX
Custom SEO Plans Tailored to Your Market (No one size fit all approach)X
Full Lead TrackingX

We charge SEO as a monthly fee. This monthly fee will cover all of the above strategies except for the monthly charges for Premium Directories.

We price SEO based on each market and practice area. Our team will conduct a custom market analysis for you and give a quote based on how competitive your market is for your keywords. We are not your value SEO agency. The Search Engine Guys will only quote you what we think it will take to rank in your market in a reasonable amount of time.

Our team can prepare you a custom quote with different tiers, the highest tier being what we think will be the fastest path to organic dominance. (not sure about this sentence.)

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Contact Us


Here are some of the most common questions we have received from potential and existing clients

We will never promise a set timeline on when a site will rank. The reason is no one can say for certain since Google is constantly changing their algorithm and numerous other external factors. SEO is a long term investment and we focus on improving keyword rankings and organic traffic at each check-in along the way.

The Search Engine Guys keeps track of an extensive list of your top key phrases from the beginning of the campaign to keep track of improvements. We also do reporting on organic traffic, conversions, call tracking etc.

In the end, the main criteria for a successful SEO campaign will be signed cases from organic leads. Through our tracking we will be able to tell you where your leads are coming from and optimize accordingly.

This is a case by case situation. Our team will audit your website and give a recommendation for a rebuild. If a rebuild is recommended, our account manager will be able to provide you a free web design quote.


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